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The Internet provides a powerful (and dizzying) array of opportunities for the home user. What level of access do you need, and what is the most effective and economical way to set up your household? MindPride can help you make sure you get the value you're looking for from your Internet services, and that they are properly integrated into your home network.

MindPride Internet services:

  Internet and Email Access - Selection, Installation, and Setup
  Internet Connection Sharing
  Web Site Hosting
  Web Services and Applications

DSL Setup

DSL is fast Internet access offered by BellSouth that allows you to utilize the same phone line for your Internet connection as well as keeping your line free for voice calls. To see if DSL fast access is available in your area, please cotact your local service provider.



Internet Connectivity & Email Access - Selection, Installation and Setup
There are more options for and details involved in setting up your Internet accounts than you may might want to deal with. But if you don't look at the fine print, you will probably end up paying way more than you should for less service. Answer? Let MindPride help you find the service vendor and options that suit you and your family. If you like, MindPride will handle the whole process, including installation and setup. Businesses have IT managers who set up their email and Internet services - why shouldn't you?

Internet Connection Sharing
If you have multiple PCs in your household, you can network them together to provide everyone with fast Internet service from a single connection. Not only does this save a lot of money over setting all your family members up separately, but the convenience and flexibility is terrific! MindPride can set you up painlessly to enjoy "always on" web and email access - you'll never go back once you experience it.

Web Site Hosting (Soon To Come)
Many families would like to have their own web sites, for more reasons than we could recount here. MindPride will offer a variety of web hosting options, and will be able to  help you get started in building a site, from acquiring personal domain names to planning, designing, and posting your data. We will work with a variety of Internet service providers (ISPs) and will recommend the best fit for your needs. If you just want a simple presence or have a significant project, contact MindPride to find out how we can help you turn your vision into reality.

Web Service & Application
From digital photo posting to web communities to online auctions, the web offers an amazing set of highly useful services. MindPride can turn you on to some of the best opportunities for using web services to your advantage - and many of them are free. We will also steer you clear of the worthless ones…

MindPride provides a comprehensive, IP network solution that enables you and your business to benefit from a full range of Internet access services. From bandwidth needs to network speed levels, to the benefits you receive from our specialty services, we assist you by providing a comprehensive and affordable package that reflects your business goals, and grows as your business grows. Today's workforce is on the move. More secure, reliable access to your corporate Local Area Network (LAN) is critical to keeping mobile and remote personnel connected. Let MindPride's Corporate Remote Access Solutions keep your business communicating.

Microsoft® Services :: Microsoft® has created vast software technologies to connect your world of information, systems, people and devices.  This new Microsoft® technology enables countless possibilities throughout your organization. No one has more experience selecting and implementing the right Microsoft® technology for your business than MindPride. Microsoft® has recommended MindPride as a certified Microsoft® partner to help you make these possibilities a reality.

Remote Access :: Solutions provide private, dial-up access to a LAN or corporate application, including thin client technology. These end-to-end managed solutions support a variety of protocols and meet most LAN or host access needs. These services are specifically suited to link remote offices, mobile employees, distributors, suppliers and customers to your organization.

Internet Dedicated :: High-speed solutions for businesses that need high-performance full-time dedicated Internet access. Dedicated services provide connectivity to a rock solid infrastructure, 24x7 monitoring and notification and the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed service. Installation Engineers fully support and monitor your Internet access with the power, quality, and reliability that you expect from MindPride. Timely installation and consistent, reliable customer bandwidth ensure your satisfaction.

XML Services :: XML is a universal language for data exchange. XML allows data to be communicated across the Internet between otherwise unconnected systems. XML extends the life of legacy systems into the Internet age, allowing you to scale your older systems up to today's technology demands. Most of today's "supply-chain" success stories are due directly to XML technology.

Web Design :: From conceptual design through promoting your site on the World Wide Web, MindPride Web Design offers all the resources you need to create a cost-effective, visually exciting, and successful World Wide Web Site

Graphic Design & Production :: Our graphic design services include original logo development or reproduction, web site graphic creation, animated graphics, flash animations, image scanning and compression, and digital photography.

Site Development :: Our site development services include site architecture — organizing and editing strong and useful content for your site — and HTML scripting. MindPride presents your material in a clear and concise manner, keeping in mind that your viewer will decide whether they are going to stay on your site and read your information in the first 60 seconds of their visit. It is important that the site be easy to navigate and quick to load without sacrificing quality. We also offer web page design assistance.

Web Commerce :: If you plan to sell items on-line, we provide shopping cart solutions... and if you will be taking credit card numbers on-line, MindPride will set up your order form on a secure server to protect the privacy of your visitors.

Interactive Solutions :: MindPride will provide any programming solutions necessary in order to meet your needs, including interactive calendars, "what's new" programs, search engines, on-line reservations, and interactive forms as needed.

Site Hosting and Maintenance :: MindPride will set up or transfer your domain name, providing you with a 1st-tier connection to the Internet and email addresses@yourdomain.com. We have also set up a very powerful, yet user-friendly statistical analysis program — the results for your site will be emailed to you monthly.

Promotion & Marketing :: Now comes the most important part! To get visitors to find your site among the millions already on-line, you have to actively market your site. Once your site is up and running, our on-line marketing staff will optimize your company's listing in the top search engines, and work with you to suggest a series of cost-effective advertising solutions which will ensure your web pages are being visited by your target audience. MindPride will recommend available links throughout the Internet, and list you with related directories. You can also participate in our Marketing Email Engine™ capable of sending over 100,000 email messages per hour.


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