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The incredible increase in home networks can be attributed to:


 1) lowering costs of network hardware and software

 2) improvement in network performance and reliability

 3) the compelling benefits networks provide.


If you have more than one PC and more than one user in a household, odds are you would benefit quite a bit from installing a network in your home. And these days, installing a network is easier and more cost-effective than ever with the wide availability of wireless networking.


Services Provided
 All services provide
Service for up to2 computers:

 Unlimited Support
 Friendly Service
 Network Support
 Application Support
 Hardware Support
 Software Support
 Security Maintenance
 Scheduled Updates


Network Selection, Installation & Setup

Now you can have the same types of advantages in the home that only businesses had until recently- sharing of Internet connections, files, printers, and other resources. Control Freak's experienced technicians can help you navigate through the many choices involved, help you obtain and install the pieces, and configure it all so it works the way you need it to. Current PCs, printers, and other peripherals can usually be integrated, allowing you to leverage your previous hardware investments in new ways.

Network Troubleshooting

As wonderful as they are, networks can be as confounding as PCs when things go wrong. Fortunately, Control Freak's technicians are network experts who can help you keep your network resources up and running and properly "talking to each other." Troubleshooting is one of the most important things we do to help our customers.

File, Printer, and Fax Sharing

Files, printers, and fax should be shared, not duplicated. Networks tie all of these resources together, for convenience, value, and flexibility. MindPride can help you get more bang for your buck by making any sharable resource available to any trusted computer (and user) to take advantage of shared data and devices.


DSL Setup

DSL is fast Internet access offered by BellSouth that allows you to utilize the same phone line for your Internet connection as well as keeping your line free for voice calls. To see if DSL fast access is available in your area, please call your local service company.



Privacy/Security Assessment & Protection:

Are you aware of all the different ways that private and potentially sensitive data (such as email, credit card numbers, family data, etc.) can be seen by other people you don't know or trust? MindPride can do a security assessment of your current network, PC applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and Internet access. As part of our standard services, we can set up a firewall to protect your network against outside intruders:

Privacy/Security assessment
Firewall installation and configuration
Operating system and application configuration/settings
Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure of private data
Remote security testing of your network's integrity

See our Virus Alert Advisory Map

Consumer Advisory:
If you have a wireless network, your security may be at risk.
Please Click Here for more information

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