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The PC department at MindPride is one of the best-equipped diagnostic stations in the industry.  With high-speed ram testers and monitor testing equipment, MindPride has it all.  Our lead PC technicians all have over ten years experience in their field of specialty.


Yes! We speak English. Also Spanish and Portuguese. When you get service from MindPride, you will have your diagnosis explained in terms you can understand. Techno-babble is for the guys in the IS department at Microsoft. You are not a cyber-geek and we will not  talk to you like you are. We feel that it is important for customers to understand what is going on with their equipment every step of the way.


We repair PCs and re-program laptops. Our service is fast and affordable. We provide these services to small businesses and on house calls:


PC Repairs:


Laptop Repairs:

  • Hard Drive

  • Motherboard

  • Computer Power Supply

  • CPU

  • Memory Chips

  • Video Card

  • Sound Card

  • Modem

  • Network Card (NIC)

  • Floppy Drive

  • Zip Drive

  • DVD-Rom

  • CD-Rom

  • CD-RW (CD burner)


  • Hard Drive

  • CPU

  • Memory Chips

  • Modem

  • Network Card (NIC)

  • External Zip Drive

  • Operating System Installation

  • Upgrading

  • Software Installation


New Computer Selection (or Construction), Installation and Setup


So many choices, so little time… MindPride can help you determine the best type of PC to fit your needs and budget, and provide the best sources for acquiring it. MindPride can even procure or build the system for you if appropriate (as in the case of Custom/High-performance PCs). When the system is ready, MindPride can install and configure the PC, and connect it to your network and/or Internet access.

This service includes unpacking your computer, registering new hardware, setting up Internet connection, properly connecting hardware to a surge protector, transferring data files over from an older computer and installing software. Most basic setups are completed in under one hour


PC Troubleshooting

PCs are complex and when things go wrong they can become beasts. Control Freak's experienced technicians are adept at quickly figuring out PC problems, and in many cases fixing them right on the spot. In cases where hardware has broken down, MindPride can determine your best options for getting the system back up and running, and provide replacement parts. In the process of troubleshooting, it can also be opportune to upgrade at the same time, to improve performance, storage capacity or functionality.


Hardware Installation/ Upgrades

Hardware installations can be intimidating even for people who are computer-savvy. Whether you're adding a scanner, a bigger disk drive, more RAM, or any number of other hardware upgrades (or replacements),
MindPride can help in a number of ways. We can provide the best recommendations for achieving your goals, the best brands and most cost-effective sources from which to obtain parts. MindPride can also provide parts directly, and install them for you, while guaranteeing that things will work when it's all put back together. With MindPride, you'll always get "plug and play" rather than "plug and pray"!


Software Installation/ Updates

Unfortunately, just like with hardware, software installation can be perilous and is often tedious, such as when upgrading your computer operating system.
MindPride will make any software installation or upgrade painless for you by making sure things are set up right. Our technicians know where all the updated drivers are, and they know the things that software manufacturers don't tell you in the manuals, such as how different software packages and options effect each other, degrade performance, etc.


Custom Hi-Performance Systems

MindPride is adept at building PCs that have specific performance objectives. Whether you need a killer game PC or a Home Theater PC (HTPC) that can provide better video output than most DVD players, MindPride can help you, either directly by building you the system or by providing referrals to one of our custom PC providers.


Let us provide professional PC services in your home at a convenient time for you.


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