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Emoticons & The Smiley Dictionary II


Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  I

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  II

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  III


  :-o  Surpise 
  :oř Grinning and sticking tongue out (type ALT+0222 on righthand number keypad)
  :p Kitty with tongue hanging out
  :-P nyah nyah
  :-P Sticking out tongue
  :-p~ Heavy smoker
  :Q what?
  :-Q smoker
  :-Q Smoking while talking
  :-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
  :-q Trying to touch its tongue to its nose
  :-Q~ Smoking
  :-r Rasberry
  :-r Sticking tongue out
  :-s After a BIZARRE comment
  :-S Confused
  :-S just made an incoherent statement
  :-S Makes No Sense
  :-s What?!
  :-t cross smiley
  :-t Pouting
  :-t Unsmiley
  :u) Funny-looking left nose
  :-V Shouting
  :-v talking head smiley
  :v) has a broken nose, but it's the other way
  :v) left-pointing nose smiley
  :-W Forked Tongue
  :X Hear no evil
  :x Kiss
  :-X Big Wet Kiss
  :-X bow tie
  :-x Kid smiley
  :-x Kiss, or My lips are sealed
  :-X lips are sealed
  :-x my lips are sealed smiley
  :-X My lips are sealed; or a kiss
  :-Y Aside comment
  :-z  y.a.c.s.
  ; P Wink with a raspberry
  ;( Crying
  ;-( Angry, or got a black eye
  ;-( Chin up
  ;-) Wink User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remark. More of a "don't hit me for what I just said" smilie.
  ;^) Smirking
  ;~[ Prizefighter
  ;-D Winking and laughing
  ?-( Black Eye
  ?-: Left Handed Tongue Touching Nose
  ?:^[] Jim Carrey
  @(*0*)@ Koala - it's a straight-on smiley
  @:-) wearing a turban
  @:-} Just Back From Hairdresser
  @:I turban
  @@@@:-) Marge Simpson
  @};--- Rose
  @}->-- Rose
  @= pro-nuclear war
  @== Atomic bomb
  @>--;-- A rose
  @>--->--- A long-stemmed rose
  [:-) Wearing a Walkman
  [:-] Square head
  [:-| Frankenstein
  [:|] Robot
  [[ ]] Hug Insert a name in the brackets of the one who is being hugged, as: [[Marcia]]
  [] Hug
  []   :* Hugs and Kisses
  \') Winky
  \_/ Empty glass
  \~/ Full glass
  ]:-) Happy devil
  ]:-> Devil
  ][ Back to back
  ]-I Wearing Sunglasses
  ^ ^ ^ Giggles
  ^5 High five
  `:-) Raised eyebrow
  `:-) shaved one of his eyebrows off this morning
  {:-) Wears a Toupee
  {:-)  Hair parted in the middle
  {{ }} Hug; the one whose name is in the brackets is being hugged Example: {{MJ}}
  {} No comment
  |( Sleepy (on late night email message)
  |-( Lost Contact Lenses
  |-( Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly
  |-) hee hee
  |:-) Unibrow
  |^o Snoring
  |-{ Good grief!
  |-| Asleep
  |-<> Puckered up for a kiss
  |-D Big laugh
  |-D ho ho
  |I Asleep
  |-I  asleep
  |-O yawning/snoring
  |-O  Birth
  |-P yuk
  }-) Wry smile
  })i({ Butterfly - an even prettier one
  }: [ Angry, frustrated
  }:-( Toupee in an updraft
  }:-) Hair parted in the middle in an updraft
  }:^#) Pointy Nosed
  }:^#})  mega-smiley: updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a double-chin
  }:-X Cat
  }{ Face to face
  }|{ Butterfly 
  ~ :-( Steaming mad
  ~*= Kitty running away from you
  ~:-( Flame message
  ~:-\ Elvis
  ~:o Baby
  ~:-P Single Hair
  ~~:-( Especially hot flame message
  ~~:-( net.flame
  ~~:[ Net flame
  ~~~~8} Snake
  ~= Lit candle, indicating a flame (inflammatory  message)
  ~== Begins a flame (inflammatory message)
  +-( Shot Between the Eyes
  +:-) Priest
  +-:-) the Pope or holds some other religious office
  +<:-) Pope
  +<:-) Religious leader
  +<:-| Monk or nun
  +<||-) Knight
  +O:-) Pope
  <(-'.'-)> Puppy dog - it's a straight-on smiley
  <:-( Dunce
  <:-) Innocently asking dumb question
  <:| Dunce
  <:-| Dunce
  <:-> Devilish expression
  <:>== Turkey
  <:I dunce
  <:-I dunce
  ---<--{(@ a Rose!
  <|-( Chinese and doesn't like these kind of jokes
  <|-) Chinese
  -= Snuffed candle to end a flame message
  -=#:-) Wizard
  -=#:-) \ Wizard with Wand
  =) Variation on a theme...
  =):-) Uncle Sam
  =):-)= Abraham Lincoln
  =:-( (real punk rockers don't smile)
  =:-( Punk Not Smiling
  =:-) hosehead
  =:-) Punk, or hosehead
  =:-) Punk-rocker
  =:-H Football player
  =^* Kisses
  =^D Big grin
  =|:o} Bill Clinton smiley
  =====:} Snake
  >- Female
  >-) Devilish wink
  >-) Evil Grin
  >* Kitty doesn't like taking its pill
  >:-( Annoyed
  >:) Evil
  >:) Little devil
  >:-) Mischievous devil
  >:-< Angry
  >:-< Mad
  >:-> Devilish
  >:-> Very mischievous devil
  >:-I net.startrek
  >:-l Klingon
  >;-> Lewd Remark
  >;-> Winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made.
  >^,,^< Kitty Cat - it's a straight-on smiley
  >-< Furious
  >=^ P Yuck
  >-> Winking devil
  >>:-<< Furious
  0-) Cyclops
  0*-) Angel winking - female
  0:-) Angel
  0;-) Angel winking - male
  12x@>--->--- A dozen roses
  2B|^2B To be or not to be
  3:*> Rudolph the red nose reindeer
  3:[ Mean Pet smilie
  3:[ Pitbull
  3:] Pet
  3:] Pet Dog
  3:o[ net.pets
  5:-) Elvis
  7:^) Ronald Reagan
  8 :-I net.unix-wizards
  8-# Death
  8(:-) Mickey Mouse
  8) Frog
  8-) glasses
  8-) Wearing Contacts
  8-) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
  8-)  Swimmer
  8:-) glasses on forehead
  8:-) Little Girl
  8-[ Frayed nerves; overwrought
  8-] Wow!
  8^ Chicken
  8-| Suspense
  8-| Wide-eyed surprise
  8<:-) Wizard
  8> Penguin
  8-O Astonished
  8-O Omigod!
  8-o Shocked
  8-P Yuck!
  B-) horn-rims
  B-) Wearing Glasses
  B-) Wearing sunglasses
  B-) wears horn-rimmed glasses
  B:-) Sunglasses on head
  C=:-) Chef
  C=}>;*{)) A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin
  C=}>;*{)) Mega-Smilie
  d :-o Hats off to you!
  d:-) Baseball
  d8= Your pet beaver is wearing goggles and a hard hat
  E-:-) Ham radio operator
  E-:-I net.ham-radio
  G(-'.'G) Fighting Kid - it's a straight-on smiley
  g-) Pince-nez glasses
  H-) Cross-Eyed
  K:P little kid with a propeller beenie
  l:-O FlatTop Loudmouth
  l^o Hepcat
  l-O Yawning
  M-) See no evil
  M-), :X, :-M See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
  M:-) A salute
  O :-)  angel (at heart, at least)
  O |-) net.religion
  O-) After Smoking a Banana
  O-) Megaton Man On Patrol!
  O-) scuba diver
  O:-) Angel
  o[-<]: I am a skater or I like to skate
  O+ Female
  O-> Male
  O8-) Starry-eyed angel
  P-( Pirate
  P* French kiss
  q:-) Catcher
  Q:-) College graduate
  Q:-) Davy Crockett
  X-( Just died
  X-( Mad
  X-( net.suicide
  X:-) Propeller Head
  #NAME? My lips are sealed
  #NAME? Surprised
    Invisible man

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  I

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  II

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  III

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