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Emoticons & The Smiley Dictionary

Smileys and Emoticons

A smiley is a sequence of characters on your computer keyboard.  Most often producing an image of a face sideways. If you don't see it, try tilting your head to the left -- the colon represents the eyes, the dash represents the nose and the right parenthesis represents the mouth. Smileys usually follow after the punctuation (or in place of the punctuation) at the end of a sentence. A smiley tells someone what you really mean when you make an offhand remark. They are also called emoticons because they intend to convey emotion!

A new generation of smileys has appeared on the scene and NetLingo is fast trying to track them down. We consider these "straight-on smileys" as another form of ASCII ART: those in which you do not tilt your head but rather look at it straight on, such as @(*0*)@ for a koala. A new section is coming soon!

And, lest you think that's all, there are also now assicons...emoticons which use another part of the body! Here is our ever-growing list of smileys...if you have another suggestion let us know!

It's easy to generalize these for even more useful Internet purposes. So in order to communicate more universally with an ever more international Internet, please use these standards when sending or receiving email, or when posting to newsgroups:


  -6% Brain Dead
  8 Infinity
  8 Yikes!
  !-) Proud of black eye
  #-) Wiped out, partied all night
  #:-o Shocked
  $-) money on the brain
  $-) Won the lottery
  $-) Yuppie
  $__$ Sees Money
  %-( Confused
  %(|:-)  Propeller-head
  %-) Dazed or silly
  %-) Happy Drunk
  %-) Staring at a Screen for 15 hours 
  %*@:-( Hungover with headache
  %*} Inebriated
  %\ Hangover or Hung over
  %-{ Ironic
  %-| Worked all night
  %-} Humorous or ironic
  %+{ Got beat up
  & Kitty cleaning a hind paw
  &-l Makes Me Cry
  ( <> .. <> ) alienated
  ( 8(|) Homer
  (( )):** Hugs and kisses
  (((((:-{= Rave Dude
  ((())) Lots of hugging (initials or a name can be put in the middle of the one being hugged)
  (((H))) Big Hug
  () Hugging
  (-: Left Hand or Left-Handed
  (-: Left-handed smile, from the southern hemisphere
  (:& Angry
  (:-& Angry
  (:-( Unsmiley
  (:-( unsmiley frowning
  (:-( Very Unhappy
  (:-) Big Face
  (:-) Smiley variation
  -(:)(0)=8 Teletubby
  (:-* Kiss
  (::()::) Bandaid, meaning comfort
  (:-\ Very sad
  (:| Egghead
  (:-D Blabber Mouth
  (:I  egghead
  ([( Robocop
  (^~^~^) Hot ass walking away
  (_8(|) Homer Simpson
  (_8^(|) Homer Simpson
  (=O=) Darth Vader's TIE fighter
  (8 { John Lennon 
  (8-o It's Mr. Bill!
  -) Tongue in cheek
  ):-( Nordic
  ):-( unsmiley big-face
  )8-) scuba smiley big-face
  * Kiss
  *-) Shot to death
  *:o) Bozo the Clown!
  *^_^* Huge Dazzling Grin - it's a straight-on smiley
  *<):o) Clown
  *<:-) wearing a Santa Claus Hat
  *<|:-) Santa Claus, or a clown
  ,-) Ditto...but he's winking
  ,:-) shaved one of his eyebrows off this morning...other side
  ,-} Wry and Winking
  .-)  only has one eye
  .\/ Duck
  .-] one-eyed
  /:-) Frenchman with a beret
  /\/\/\ Laughter
  :-  Male
  : ) Smile
  : [ Bored, sad
  : | Bored, sad
  : = Beaver
  :-! Foot in Mouth
  :-" Whistling
  :") Embarrased
  :-# braces
  :-# My Lips Are Sealed
  :#) Drunk
  :-#| Face with bushy mustache
  :-$ Face with it's mouth wired shut
  :-%  Banker
  :-& Tongue-tied
  :( Sad Turtle
  :-( Frown
  -:-( (real punk rockers don't smile)
  :'-( crying
  :-( Drama
  :(  Sad
  :-(  boo hoo
  :( ) Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting
  :-( <| Standing Firm 
  :-(*) Makes Me Sick
  :-(=) Bucktoothed
  :-(0) Yelling
  :) Basic Little Kid
  :) Happy
  :) happy kitty
  :) Midget
  :) Midget smilie
  :-) Basic
  :-) Classic smiley
  :-) Comedy
  :-) ha ha
  -:-) punk rocker
  :'-) so happy, s/he is crying
  :---) Pinnochio
  :-) :- Man
  :-))) Very Happy
  :-)^< Big Boy 
  :-)~  drools
  :-)-8 Big girl
  :-)8 : Woman
  :-)8< Big Girl
  :-* After eating something bitter
  :-* just ate something sour
  :-* Kiss
  :*( Crying softly
  :*) Clowning
  :*) Drinking every night
  :*) Drunk
  :**: Returning kiss
  :-, Smirk
  :,( Crying
  :-.) Cindy Crawford
  :-/ lefty undecided smiley
  :-/ Skeptical
  :-/ Wry face
  :/) Not funny
  :/i No smoking
  :-: Mutant Smilie
  ::-) wears normal glasses
  :-? Licking lips, or tongue in cheek
  :-? Smoking a pipe
  :-?  Tongue Sticking Out
  :@ What?
  :-@ Screaming
  :-@! Cursing
  :[ Real Downer
  :-[ criticism
  :-[ un-smiley blockhead
  :-[ Vampire
  :-\ Undecided 
  :\' Crying
  :\'( Crying
  :\'-( Crying
  :\'-) Tears of happiness
  :-\'| Sniffles
  :] Gleep...a friendly midget smilie who will gladly be your friend
  :-] Blockhead
  :-] sarcasm
  :-] Smiling blockhead
  :^) has a broken nose
  :^) Personality
  :^) Pointy nose (righty)
  :^{= Frank Zappa 
  :^D Happy, approving
  :_) nose is sliding off of his face
  :-` Spitting out its chewing tobacco
  :`-( Crying 
  :`-( Shedding a tear
  :{ Having a hard time
  :{ what?
  :-{ Mustache
  :-{  smiley variation on a theme
  :-{) has a mustache
  :-{) Smile with moustache
  :-{)} Smile with moustache and beard
  :-{} Blowing a kiss
  :-{} Wearing Lipstick
  :-| have an ordinary day
  :-| Indifferent, bored or disgusted
  :-| :-| Deja vu
  :-|| Very angry
  :} What should we call these? (what?)
  :-} beard
  :-} ditto
  :-} Mischievous smile
  :-}X Bow Tie-Wearing
  :~-( Bawling
  :~-( Crying
  :~) A cold
  :-~) has a cold
  :~/ Confused
  :-~| A cold
  :+( Got punched in the nose
  :< midget unsmiley
  :< persian kitty
  :-< Very sad
  :-< Walrus
  :<  what?
  :<) from an Ivy League School
  :=) has two noses
  :=) Orangutan
  :-=) older smiley with mustache
  :> What?
  :-> Biting sarcastic remark. Worse than a :-).
  :-> hey hey
  :-> Sarcastic
  :-> Smile of happiness
  :-> y.a.s.
  :>  midget smiley
  :->< Puckered up to kiss
  :0 Hungry 
  :-0 No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)
  :-0 Talkative
  :-0  Orator
  :-1 Bland face
  :-3 Mustache (Handlebar Type)
  :3-] Dog
  :-6 After eating something sour
  :-6 Eating Something Spicy
  :-6 Exhausted
  :-7 just made a wry statement
  :-8( condescending stare
  :8) Pig
  :-9 Licking lips
  :-a Tongue Touching Nose
  :-b left-pointing tongue smiley
  :C Astonished
  :C what?
  :-C Astonished
  :-c bummed out smiley
  :-C Real Unhappy
  :D Laughter
  :-D laughing (at you!)
  :-d lefty smiley razzing you
  :-d Said with a smile
  :e Disappointed
  :-E Bucktoothed Vampire
  :-e Disappointed
  :-F Bucktoothed Vampire with One Tooth Missing
  :-f Sticking out tongue
  :I Hmmm...
  :-I hmm
  :-I Pondering, or impartial
  :-i semi-smiley
  :-i Wry smile or half-smile
  :-i  Smoking a cig
  :-j One-sided smile
  :-J Tongue in cheek
  :-j  left smiling
  :-k beats me, looks like something, tho
  :-k Puzzlement
  :-l One-sided smile
  :-l y. a. s.
  :-M Speak no evil
  :n) Funny-looking right nose
  :O Yelling
  :-O Open-mouthed, surprised
  :-o Singing national anthem
  :-o Surprised look, or yawn
  :-o Uh oh!


Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  I

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  II

Emoticons & Smiley Dictionary  III


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