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Acronyms III



L Laugh
L8R Later
L8R G8R Later 'Gater
LABTYD Life's A Bitch Then You Die
LAGNAF Let's All Get Naked And F***
LAQ Lame Ass Quote
LART Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
LAY Looking At You
LD Long Distance or Later DUDE
LDD La Dee Da
LDR Long-distance relationship
LDTTWA Let's Do The Time Warp Again
LHM Lord Help Me
LHO Laughing Head Off
LHU Lord Help Us
LIFO Last In First Out
LIS Lost In Space
LISP Lots of Infuriating & Silly Parenthesis
LLAL Laughing Like A Lunatic
LLAP Live Long And Prosper
LLTA Lots And Lots Of Thunderous Applause
LMA Leave Me Alone
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
LMSO Laughing My Socks Off
LMC Let Me See
LMK Let Me Know
LMS Let Me See
LMWIS Lick Me Where I Sweat
LOA Love On Arrival
LOIS Laughing On The Inside
LOL Laughing Out Loud -or- Lots of Luck (or Love)
LOLA Laughing Out Loud Again
LOLOL Laughing Out Loud On Line or Lots Of Laughing Out Loud
LOML Light Of My Life
LOOL Laughing Out Outrageously Loud
LOPSOD Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
LOQ Laughing Out Quietly
LRF Little Rubber Feet
LSHMBH Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSHMBIB Laughing So Hard My Belly Is Bouncing
LSHMCIS Laughing So Hard My Computer Is Shaking
LTIC Laughing 'Til I Cry
LTIP Laughing Till I Puke
LTM Laugh to myself
LTNS Long Time No See
LTNT Long Time No Type
LTR Later or Long-Term Relationship
LTS Laughing To Self
LU4E&A Love You For Ever And Always
LUB Laughing Under Breath
LULAB Love you like a brother
LULAS Love you like a sister
LUWAMH Love You With All My Heart
LWR Launch When Ready
LY Love You
LY4E Love ya forever
LYL Love Ya Lots
LYLAB Love You Like A Brother
LYLAS Love You Like A Sister
LYLY Love You and Leave You
M8 Mate
M8 or M8s Mate or Mates
MAC Most Applications Crash
MACINTOSH Most Applications Crash If Not The Operating System Hangs
MEG Mega Evil Grin
MFD Multi-Function Device
MfG Mit freundlichen Gruessen
MFTL My Favourite Toy Language
MHBFY My Heart Bleeds For You
MHOTY My Hat's Off To You
MIASGB Make It A Short GoodBye
MICROSOFT Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers
MIL Mother In Law
MIPS Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed
MLA Multiple Letter Acronym
MM Market Maker
MMF Make Money Fast
MOF Male Or Female?
MOO Mud, Object-Oriented
MorF Male or Female?
MOSS Members Of The Same Sex
MOTAS Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD Message Of The Day
MOTO Master Of The Obvious
MOTOS Member Of The Other Sex
MOTSS Members Of The Same Sex
MP My Pleasure
MPTY More Power To You
MSG Message
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTF More to follow
MTFBWY May The Force Be With You
MUG Multi User Game
MUSH Multi User Shared Hallucination
MUSM Miss you so much
MWBRL More Will Be Revealed Later
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
N/A Not Applicable -or- Not Affiliated
N/T No Text
N1 Nice One
N2S Needless 2 Say
NDAT Not a darn thing
NAFAIK Not As Far As I Know
NAK Nursing At Keyboard
NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That
NAZ Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)
NB Nota Bene
NBD No Big Deal
NBIF No Basis In Fact
NC No Comment
NCG New College Graduate
NE1 Anyone
NEM Nothing Else Matters
NFI No F***ing Idea
NFG No f*****g good
NFW No F***ing Way or No Feasible Way
NFWM No F***ing Way Man
NG New Game
NHTOB Never Heard That One Before
NIFOC Nude In Front Of The Computer
NIM No Internal Message
NIMBY Not In My Back Yard
NIME Not In My Experience
NIMQ Not In My Queue
NITS Nervous In The Service
NK New Kid
NM Never Mind
NMJ Not My Job
NMN No Middle Name
NMP Not My Problem
NONYA None Ya Business
NOYB None Of Your Business
NP or N/P No Problem
NPNG No Pain No Gain
NQOCD Not Quite Our Class Dear
NQWI Not Quite With It
NRG Energy
NRN No Reply Necessary
NSS No Sh** Sherlock
NTDW Nothing To Do With
NTDWI Nothing To Do With It
NTK Need To Know
NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
NTTFLS Not Till The Fat Lady Sings
NTYMI Now That You Mention It
NW Next Week or No Way
NYCFS New York City Finger Saluet
NYCTMI Now You Come To Mention It
OAO Over And Out
OATUS On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS On An Unrelated Subject
OB Obligatory
OBTW Oh By The Way
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIC Oh, I see
OJ Only Joking or Orange Juice
OL Old Lady
OLL Online love
OM Old Man
OMDB Over My Dead Body
OMG Oh My Gosh
OMIK Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
OMKC On My Knees Crying
OMKP On My Knees Praying
ONNA Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again
OOC Out Of Character
OOI Out Of Interest
OOP Out Of Production
OOS Out Of Sight
OOSOOM Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
OOT Out Of Town
OOTB Out Of The Box -or- Out Of The Blue
OOTC Obligatory On Topic Comment
OP Original Poster
ORN Oh Really now
OS Operating System
OS/2 Obsolete Soon Too
OSOM Out of Sight Out of Mind
OT Off Topic
OTF On The Floor or Off The Floor
OTOH On the Other Hand
OTT Over The Top
OTTH On The Third Hand
OTTOMH Off The Top Of My Head
OTW On The Way or On The Whole
OUSU Oh You Shut Up
OWTTE Or Words To That Effect
OZ stands for: Australia
PABG Pack A Big Gun
PANS Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PAW Parents Are Watching
PCMCIA People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
PCYLIHOONL Please Cross Your Legs I Have Only One Nail Left
PD Public Domain
PDA Public Display of Affection
PDE Puppy Dog Eyed
PDOMA Pulled Directly Out Of My Ass
PDQ Pretty Damn(ed) Quick(ly)
PDS Please Don't Shoot
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEBKAC Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PENTIUM Produces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of Mathematics
PEST Please Excuse Slow Typing
PG Pretty Good
PIBKAC Problem is between keyboard and chair
PIMP Peeing In My Pants
PITA Pain In The Ass
PLMK Please Let Me Know
PLOKTA Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLS Please
PLUR Peace Love Unity Respect
PM Personal Message or Private Message
PMBI Pardon My Butting In
PMFBI Pardon Me For Butting In
PMFJI Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMFJIB Pardon Me For Jumping In But...
PMIGBOM Put Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJI Pardon My Jumping In
PML Pissing Myself Laughing
PMP Peeing My Pants
PMS Pretty Much Sucks
PO Piss Off
POAHF Put On A Happy Face
POETS Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday
PONA Person Of No Account
POOF Goodbye (leaving the room)
POS Piece Of Sh** or Point Of Sale
POTC Peck On The Cheek
POTS Plain old telephone service
POV Point of View
POV Point Of View
PPL People
PPP Petty Pet Peeve
PPTSPAHS Please Pass The Salt Pepper And Hot Sauce
PS Pit Stop
PTB Powers That Be
PTL Praise the Lord
PTM Please Tell Me
PTMM Please Tell Me More
PU That Stinks!!!
Q&A Questions & Answers
QDPSH Quick and Dirty Perl Solution Hacker
QDSM Quick and Dirty Solution Manager
QT Cutie
R Are
R&D Research & Development
R&R Rest & Relaxation
RAEBNC Read And Enjoyed But No Comment
RAW Rules As Written
RBTL Read Between The Lines
RE Regarding
RFD Request For Discussion
RFI Request For Information
RFR Really F*#king Rich
RFS Really F*#king Soon
RGDS Regards
RIP Rest In Peace
RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RL Real Life
RLF Real Life Friend
RMA Return Merchandise Authorization
RMLB Read My Lips Baby
RMMM Read My Mail Man!
RN Right Now!
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROR Raffing out roud (Engrish for "laughing out loud")
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLABAOTP Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Barfing All Over The Place
ROTFLGO Rolling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTFLMAOAPMP Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Peeing My Pants
ROTFLMHO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head Off
ROTFLUTS Rolling On The Floor Laughing Unable to Speak
ROTM Right On The Money
RPG Really Pathetic Gamer or Rocket Propelled Grenade or Role Playing Game
RSN Real Soon Now
RT Real Time
RTBS Reason To Be Single
RTD Read The Documentation
RTFF Read The F***ing FAQ
RTFFAQ Read The F***ing FAQ
RTFM Read The F***ing Manual
RTFS Read The F***ing Source
RTK Return To Keyboard
RTM or RTFM Read The Manual - or - Read The F*#king Manual
RTSM Read The Stupid Manual
RU Are You?
RUMOF Are You Male Or Female?
RUOK Are You OK?
RWT Repeat Whole Thing
RYFM Read Your F***ing Manual
RYO Roll Your Own (write your own program; derived from cigarettes rolled yourself with tobacco and paper)


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