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Acronyms & Shorthand

NetLingo.com - The Internet DictionaryKnown as Chat Acronyms and E-mail Shorthand, these "abbreviations" are also used in Newsgroup Postings and IRC

Acronyms have always been an integral part of computer culture and now they are popular on the Internet to represent common phrases that people say to one another. Part of the reason they are used so much is because it's quicker and easier to type out a few letters, rather than typing out the full expression. They're also fun, but some can be naughty so watch out! To find out the meaning of a certain acronym, scroll down and look at it's corresponding phrase below.

BTW: If you ever see someone TYPING AN ENTIRE SENTENCE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that means SHOUTING! It is not proper netiquette to TYPE IN ALL CAPS (even in e-mail), in fact, it's annoying. if you're in a hurry (or want to do what many people online already do), then type in all lower case, unless you want to imply that YOU ARE SHOUTING!

Got a favorite one you don't see here? Suggest an acronym!


2B or not 2B To Be Or Not To Be
404 I haven't a clue
4ever Forever
A/S/L Age/Sex/Location
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact
AATK Always At The Keyboard
ABT About
ACD Alt Control Delete
ADN Any Day Now
AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFAIR As Far As I Recall
AFAIR As Far As I Remember
AFAYC As Far As You're Concerned
AFAYK As Far As You Know
AFC Away From Computer
AFCPS Any Fool Can Plainly See
AFDA A Few Days Ago
AFDB A Few Days Back
AFK Away From Keyboard
AFTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol
AFU All F***ed Up
AI As If
AIAMU And I'm A Monkey's Uncle
AIH As It Happens
AIIC As If I Care
AISI As I See It
AIUI As I Understand It
AKA or a.k.a. Also Known As
ALA As Long As
ALAP As Late As Possible
AMBW All My Best Wishes
AMF All My Fault or Adios Mother F***er
AMIGA A Merely Insignificant Game Addiction
AML All My Love
ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors
ANFAWFOWS And Now For A Word Word From Our Web Sponsor
ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different
AOAS All Of A Sudden
AOB Abuse Of Bandwidth
AOL America Online or Army Of Lamers
AP Apple Pie
APPLE Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity
ARE Acronym-rich environment
ASAP As Soon As "Friggin" Possible
ASAFP As Soon As "Friggin" Possible
ASAFP As Soon As F***ing Possible
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASF And So Forth
A/S/L Age/Sex/Location
ASO And So On
ATM At The Moment
ATSL Along The Same Line
ATST At The Same Time
AWGTHTGTATA Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This Again?
AWGTHTGTTA Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
AWGTHTGTTSA Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Sh** Again
AWOL Absent Without Leave
AWS As We Speak
AWYR Awaiting Your Reply
AYCOOYM Are You Completely Out Of Your Mind
AYF All Your Fault
AYK As You Know
AYOR At Your Own Risk
AYPI And Your Point Is
AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something
B/C Because
B4 Before
B4N Bye For Now
BAB Build A Bridge
BAC Back At Computer
BAD Bad As Designed
BAF Brain Already Fried
BAIC Boy Am I Confused
BAK Back At Keyboard
BAS Big A** Smile
BAMF Bad Ass Mother F***er
BASIC Bill's Attempt to Seize Industry Control
BBFBBM Body By Fisher, Brains by Mattel
BBFN Bye Bye For Now
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF Be Back In A Few
BBL Be Back Later
BBN Bye Bye Now
BBR Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS Be back soon
BBSL Be Back Sooner or Later
BC Because
BCBS Big Company, Big School
BCNU Be Seein' You
BDC Big Dumb Company or Big Dot Com
BDN Big Damn Number
BEG Big Evil Grin
BF Boy Friend
BFD Big F***ing Deal
BFFL Best Friends For Life
BFG Big Fat Grin
BFN Bye For Now
BG Big Grin
BGUTI Better Get Used To It
BH Better Half
BHOF Bald Headed Old Fart
BIBO Beer in, beer out
BIF Basis In Fact or Before I Forget
BIOYA Blow It Out Your Ass
BIOYIOP Blow It Out Your I/O Port
BITD Back In The Day
BKA Better Known As
BL Belly laughing
BLT Bacon Lettuce & Tomato
BLTN Better Late Than Never
BMGWL Busting my gut with laughter
BM Byte Me
BMOTA Byte Me On The Ass
BNF Big Name Fan
BNI Batteries Not Included
BOC But Of Course
BOF Boring Old Fart
BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BOT Back On Topic
BOTEC Back-of-the-envelope calculation
BR Bathroom
BRB Be Right Back
BRBGTGP Be Right Back Got To Go Pee
BRGDS Best Regards
BRS Big Red Switch
BRT Be Right There
BS Big Smile
BSF But Seriously Folks
BST But Seriously Though
BT Byte This
BTA But Then Again or Before The Attacks
BTAIM Be That As It May
BTC Biting The Carpet
BTDT Been There Done That
BTDTGTS Been There Done That Got the T-Shirt
BTFT Been There Fixed That
BTHOM Beats The Hell Outta Me
BTK Back To Keyboard
BTSOOM Beats The Sh** Out Of Me
BTU Back To You
BTW By The Way
BTWBO Be There With Bells On
BUGS Bloody User Generated Symptoms
BWDIK But What Do I Know?
BWTHDIK But what the heck do I know...?
BWFH Bastard Webmaster From Hell
BWK Big Wet Kiss
BWL Bursting With Laughter
BWO Black, White or Other
BWQ Buzz Word Quotient
BYOB Bring Your Own Booze
BYORL Bring Your Own Rocket Launcher
C&G Chuckle and Grin
C/P Cross Post
C4N Ciao For Now
CATCH Come Again? That Can't Help
CBL Come Back Later
CD-ROM Consumer Device Rendered Obsolete in Months
CFD Call For Discussion
CFV Call For Votes
CIAO Goodbye (in Italian)
CICO Coffee in, coffee out
CID Consider It Done
CIS CompuServe Information Service
CLI Command Line Interface
CLM Career Limiting Move
CMF Count My Fingers
CNP Continued in Next Post
COBOL Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language
CofS Church of Scientology
COI Come On In
COTFL Crawling On The Floor Laughing
CP Chat Post
CRAFT Can't Remember a F***ing Thing
CRAP Cheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRAWS Can't Remember Anything Worth A Sh**
CRB Come right back
CRBT Crying real big tears
CRS Can't Remember Sh**
CSG Chuckle Snicker Grin
CSL Can't Stop Laughing
CSW Can't See Why
CSY Can't Stop Yawning
CTC Choking The Chicken
CU See You
CUA Common User Access or Commonly Used Acronyms
CUIC See You In Church
CUL Catch You Later
CUL8R See You Later
CW Complete Wank
CWYL Chat With You Later
CYA See Ya or Cover Your Ass
CYA Cover Your Ass
CYAL8R See You Later
CYL See You Later
CYO See you online
CYPUWIPD Can You Pick-Up What I'm Putting Down
D/L DownLoad
DARFC Ducking And Running For Cover
DBA Doing business as
DBAI Designed By An Idiot
DBEYR Don't Believe Everything You Read
DD Due Diligence
DD Dear Daughter or Dreaded Disease
DDD Direct Distance Dial
DEC Do Expect Cuts
DEGT Don't Even Go There
DETI Don't Even Think It
DFLA Disenhanced four-letter acronym (that is, a TLA)
DGT Don't Go There
DH Dear Husband or Dick Head
DHYB Don't Hold Your Breath
DIIK Damned If I Know
DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
DILLIGAF Do I Look Like I Give A F***?
DILLIGAS Do I Look Like I Give A Sh**
DIKU Do I know you?
DINK Dual Income No Kids
DITYID Did I tell you I'm distressed?
DIY Do It Yourself
DKDC Don't Know Don't Care
DL DownLoad or Dead Link
DLN Don't Leave Now
DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTDHYWTGLSY Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split Ya
DLTM Don't Lie To Me
DMML Don't Make Me Laugh
DNPM Damn Near Pissed Myself
DOM Dirty old man
DOS Defective/Dead Operating System or Dozing Off Soon
DQMOT Don't quote me on this
DQYDJ Don't Quit Your Day Job
DRIB Don't Read If Busy
DS Dear Son
DSH Desperately Seeking Help
DTHT Delighted To Hear That
DTP DeskTop Publishing
DTRT Do The Right Thing
DUCT Did You See That?
DW Dear Wife
DWB Don't write back
DWIM Do What I Mean
DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do
DWOL Drunk While On Line
DWYM Does What You Mean
DYHABF Do You Have A Boyfriend?
DYHAGF Do You Have A Girlfriend?
DYJHI Don't You Just Hate It
DYJHIW Don't You Just Hate It When
DYJHIWTH Don't You Just Hate It When That Happens
DYSTSOTT Did You See The Size Of That Thing
DYT Don't You Think
DYTS Don't You Think So
ECP Excessive Cross Posting
EG Evil Grin
EMFBI Excuse me for butting in
EMML E-mail Me Later
EMP Excessive Multiple Posting
EMSG Email Message
EOD End Of Debate/Discussion
EOF End Of File
EOL End Of Lecture
EOM End Of Message
EOQ End Of Quote/Question
EOT End Of Thread/Transmission (meaning: end of discussion)
ESAD Eat Sh** And Die
ESADMF Eat Sh** And Die Mother F***er
ESO Equipment Smarter than Operator
ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (that is, an FLA)
EWI E-mailing While Intoxicated
EZ Easy
F2F Face-To-Face or Flesh-To-Flesh
FAB Features Attributes Benefits
FAFWOA For A Friend Without Access
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAQL Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC For Anyone Who Cares
FBKS Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
FC Fingers crossed
FD F*** Dat
FE Fatal Error
FF French Fry
FF&PN Fresh Fields and Pastures New
FFS For F***s Sake
FGS For Goodness' Sake
FIFO First In First Out
FIGJAM F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me
FIIK F***ed If I Know
FISH First In Still Here
FITB Fill In The Blank
FIWOBATLAAI F***ing Idiot With Out Brains And Talking Like An Addicted IRC'er
FLA Four-letter acronym
FM F***ing Magic
FMTYEWTK Far more than you ever wanted to know
FNM Forget Me Not
FO F*** Off
FOAD F*** Off And Die
FOAF Friend Of A Friend
FOC Free Of Charge
FOMCL Falling off my chair laughing
FOS Freedom Of Speech or Full Of Sh**
FOTCL Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FPS For Pete's Sake or Frames Per Second or First Person Shooter
FRE Frequently Requested Enhancement
FRED F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device
FRED F*#king Ridiculous Electronic Device
FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMH From the bottom of my heart
FTF Face-To-Face or Flesh-To-Flesh
FTL Faster Than Light
FTL Faster Than Light
FTTB For The Time Being
FTTT From Time To Time
FU F***ed Up or Follow-Up or Future Use
FUA Frequently Used Acronym or F***ed Up Again
FUBAR F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FUBB F***ed Up Beyond Belief
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FUT Follow-Up To
FWIW For What It's Worth
FY F*** You
FYA For Your Amusement
FYATSYRIO F*** You And The Sysop You Rode In On
FYDITM F*** You Directly In The Mouth
FYE For Your Entertainment
FYEO For Your Eyes Only
FYG For Your Guidance
FYI For Your Information
FYIFV F*#k You I'm Fully Vested
FYM For Your Misinformation


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