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A threat is a threat, no matter how small. Whatever you do, don't hide. Tackle the problem with help from MindPride. We can assess your existing security technologies and implement new security safeguards. Plus, we can teach your company how to protect itself from the ever-changing security issues of an increasingly complex digital economy. Soon, you'll feel more confident in yourself and your business.

You and your customers don't just exist in a physical world. You exist in a digital one, where trust is everything. That's why MindPride is committed to providing you with the most innovative security and privacy solutions. MindPride is ready to respond with real-world expertise and solutions.

Real-world security breaches can happen every day to big companies as well as your family computer. As more and more sensitive data traverses across both trusted and untrusted networks, you need security practices you can rely on. For your front line of defense, turn to MindPride.



Privacy/Security Assessment

Are you aware of all the different ways that private and potentially sensitive data (such as email, credit card numbers, family data, etc.) can be seen by other people you don't know or trust? MindPride can do a security assessment of your current network, PC applications, settings, and habits, and recommend ways to keep private data private, while still getting the benefits of networking and Internet access. As part of our standard services, we can set up a firewall to protect your network against outside intruders.

Privacy/Security services:

Privacy/Security assessment
Firewall installation and configuration
Operating system and application configuration/settings
Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure of private data
Remote security testing of your network's integrity

Consumer Advisory:
If you have a wireless network, your security may be at risk.
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Security is a very hot topic in today's world. Simple solutions are available for any business, or domestic customer. We use NAT firewalls to lock down your PC's from intrusion. Our technicians have tons of experience in network security. We consult with ISP security technicians to stay on top of the latest threats. Call us to talk about network security and the best plan for you.

    NAT distributes an IP address to each device on the network. Hook up a NAT router or residential gateway to your cable or DSL modem and you're sharing the connection. Another benefit of NAT is that it allows only one IP address to be visible to the outside world. Hiding your LAN behind the router adds a layer of security and also hides your PCs from your service provider.

MindPride recommends, uses Linksys routers and switches to set up secure firewalls for any user. You may have only the family PC, or the whole office to protect. We can give you the peace of mind you need.

   How Firewalls Work

Trojans are one way a hacker can get into your system, but there are other ways a hacker can gain access to your critical system files.  A good firewall can help minimize that risk.  Although firewall software is good, it's better to have a hardware barrier, such as a router, between your internal network and the internet.  The internet community will only see the router's IP address, not the computer within your LAN.  

ZoneAlarm is a good free firewall from Zone labs. 

Consider checking downloads for spyware {Spyware is anything placed on your system, with or without your knowledge, that collects data about your surfing habits and returns that information to the creator of that program.  If you surf the internet at all  it is imperative that you run some type of spyware detection program.  And if you currently use this software run, don't walk, to download the latest version of that product.  Some tests we've been doing on our systems indicate that updates found dozens of new spyware that previous versions couldn't see.  A couple of our favorite programs are Ad-aware and Spybot.  Try them today and be horrified).  Lavasoft's Ad Aware is a great program for detecting freeware that is tracking your surfing habits. 

Lastly, once you think your system is safe, cruise on over to shields-up to see if your right.  They will scan your system for exploits and give you the results.



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