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On-Site Field Service

Available only in New York, Florida and Major Metro Areas

MindPride technicians will also come to you. Our field-service rate is somewhat higher than our shop rate, but sometimes this is necessary in order to provide the customer with the best possible service. Field-service is charged from portal to portal and carries a 1.5 hour minimum.


On-site service: A technician will be on site to diagnose the equipment in 2-6 hours from the moment the dispatch call is placed. Repairs that need to be brought in-house and repairs for which parts need to be ordered will require additional time for completion.


Who Stands to benefit from Field-Service?

  • Anyone with large unwieldy equipment.

  • Networking Jobs are best done on-site.

  • Cleaning and maintenance of multiple units.

Who should avoid on-site service whenever possible

  • Sensitive internal components should not be replaced on-site due to Electrostatic Discharge concerns.

  • Data-Recovery is HIGHLY impractical to have done on-site.

  • Monitors present a danger to the customer and will not be done on-site.

  • Field service on inkjet printers could easily exceed the value of the machine.

  • Anyone over 20 minutes from the depot should consider other options due to the portal to portal charges.

  • One option that MindPride offers to its' customers is courier service. Courier service is often more reasonable than field-service and the response time is generally even faster. Inquire about a pick-up when you call.


  • Fast Same Day On-Site Service

  • 24 Hour Service Available

  • 15 Years Experience

  • Service & Repair

  • Lowest Prices on Upgrades

  • Wholesale Prices on Hardware

  • Networks

  • Consulting & Training

  • Web Design

  • Software Installation

  • Hardware Installation

  • Certified Technicians

  • Friendly Courteous Service


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