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There is a lot of technology embedded in the typical home theater or home entertainment system, and it's increasing rapidly with the growth of digital satellite/cable, DVDs, MP3 digital audio, and personal video recorders (PVRs) such as TiVO and ReplayTV.

Just as interesting is the trend to connect home entertainment systems with the home network, creating a home entertainment network that is capable of distributing video, music, and system control throughout the house.

Once this is done, home entertainment opportunities multiply, since new applications can be incorporated (just like with PCs) by installing software, and the power of the Internet can expand entertainment options.

MindPride provides our customers with services and support in the emerging field of computer and home entertainment convergence. We are pleased to provide you with exciting new options for helping you create your own home entertainment network!

Home Theater & Home Entertainment Networks Services
These services include comprehensive audio-visual systems design and installation, focused on improving control and providing new ways to use digital media in home and small business environments.


AV Systems Control Integration
  Consolidation of multiple AV remotes into one (Pronto & PDA-based solutions) 

  Advanced touchscreen and PC-based control solutions (coming soon!)
  Integration with wired and wireless data networks

PC-based Media Servers
  Digital media libraries (audio, photos, video, web)
  Connecting PCs to TV and audio systems for playback (including multi-room solutions)
  Home Theater PCs (HTPCs)
  Hard disk video recorders

Multimedia Applications
  Digital photo screen shows
  Photo + audio playlists
  Web-based digital media sharing

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