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MindPride provides on-site one hour response computer services. 24 hours per day. 365 days per year. We offer a wide range of services, including Emergency On-site Service with a response time of less than 1 hour from the time you call to the time a technician is on-site.

The decision of who to trust with your system is an important one:
 Slow response time can cost you hours or even days of downtime.
 A failed recovery attempt can lead to permanent data loss or system damage.
 A failed system recommendation or implementation can lead to untold costs, lost opportunities and even business failure.

Before you believe the bold claims often made by our competitors, consider the following facts about MindPride:

 MindPride is a computer services company specializing in Small to Mid-sized companies and home users with 1-100 computers.

 MindPride has by far the fastest response time anywhere in the world; our certified professional computer specialists are less than one hour away from your doorstep.

 MindPride performs several successful service calls per week on problems given to us after failed attempts by competitors. MindPride is a certified service provider for Microsoft, Granite, IBM, COMPAQ/HP and OSI.

 In addition to the successful completion of over 5,000 service calls, MindPride has developed hundreds of custom and "off-the-shelf" solutions in nearly every industry to solve almost every business challenge.

When your business depends on computers... downtime, data loss & virus infections put the entire organization at risk. MindPride offers a full range of disaster and data recovery solutions to address your system and data loss needs.

Unlike other computer service companies, MindPride provides exclusive solutions... from our 24x7x365 live-manned dispatching call center... to our copyrighted software that sends your web or telephone service issue directly to the technician within 3 minutes of your request... to unparalleled on-site response times of less than one hour.

When you call MindPride, you talk to trained expert MindPride dispatchers live every time! 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. No voicemail, no answering service and no recording machine... ever.

When your system is down and you need help now, MindPride will deliver emergency on-site service within one hour of your request.

"When the system is down, a company not only loses the productivity of its employees and the opportunities for new business... the company loses the confidence of its customers."

A recent analysis shows that the total cost of ownership of a single desktop on a computer network is $8100. Of that figure, 16% represents the cost of downtime. For a 200-desktop network, that's a total cost of ownership of $1,620,000 per year, and a downtime cost of $259,000.

The payoff is that outsourcing can significantly reduce the cost of downtime by extending coverage, at a reasonable cost. Full 24x7x365 service is possible without having to invest in the staff.


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