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Work with menus by using shortcut keys: 

All of the commands presented in the Menu Table consist of two units per command. Each command occupies a complete line of text. In the first command, for example, the first unit "Show a shortcut menu" describes the result of  the combined pressing of the CONTROL+function keys. It is this second unit that puts into action the first unit: the expected result.




Show a shortcut menu. SHIFT+F10
Make the menu bar active. F10 or ALT
To go to the top row of the toolbar. F10+CONTROL+TAB
Repeat command to go to the bottom row of the toolbar. CONTROL+TAB
Show the program icon menu (on the program title bar). ALT+SPACEBAR
Select the next or previous command on the menu or submenu. DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW
Select the menu to the left or right, or, with a submenu visible, switch between the main menu and the submenu. LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW
Select the first or last command on the menu or submenu. HOME or END
Close the visible menu and submenu at the same time. ALT
Close the visible menu, or, with a submenu visible, close the submenu only. ESC

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