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In the following Table: "Keys for using the Office Assistant," there are two units per command. Each command occupies a complete line of text. In the first command, for example, the first unit "Make the Office Assistant the active balloon" describes the result of pressing the ALT+F6 key, etc. Another command example for the first unit: "Select a Help topic from the topics displayed by the Office Assistant" describes the result of pressing the ALT+topic number, etc. It are these second units that puts into action the first unit throuhout the Table.


Keys for using the Office Assistant

Make the Office Assistant the active balloon. ALT+F6; repeat until the balloon is active
Select a Help topic from the topics displayed by the Office Assistant. ALT+topic number (where 1 is the first topic, 2 is the second, and so on)
See more help topics. ALT+DOWN ARROW
See previous help topics. ALT+UP ARROW
Close an Office Assistant message. ESCape
Get Help from the Office Assistant. F1
Display the next tip. ALT+N
Display the previous tip. ALT+B
Close tips. ESCape
Show or hide the Office Assistant in a wizard. TAB to select the Office Assistant button; SPACEBAR to show or hide the Assistant


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