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Simonds tips on using the equation editor
  • Always add a full space before and after an equal sign, before and after a plus or minus sign, after a limit sign or integral sign, and before each limit on a definite integral. A full space is created inside an equation box by pressing  Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar.
  • Always add a half space between a coefficient and a variable and before and after the arrow sign in a limit. A half space is created by pressing Ctrl+Space Bar.
  • To line up your equal signs (J ) you need to use the format/align option shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9:  Gotta' line up them equal signs!

  • You can add text inside an Equation box by selecting Style - Text from the toolbar menu. (See Figure 10.)

Figure 10: Adding text inside an Equation Box

  • Sometimes you might want to insert text along with a multistep simplification or other type process.  One way to achieve this is with a matrix. For example, the simplification shown in Figure 11 was typed using a matrix with 7 rows and two columns.  The style used in the left column was "Math" while the style used in the right column was "Text."  I always insert a blank row between every line to avoid crowding - that's why the matrix  had seven rows as opposed to four.  The appropriate Menu and Dialogue Box are shown in Figures 12 and 13.

Figure 11: Adding text along with mathematics

Figure 12: The Matrix Menu Bar

Figure 13: The Matrix Dialogue Box


Finally, you will find below is a keystroke guide for creating the expression .

  1. Open an Equation Box
  2. press Ctrl+t, u
  3. type in "lim" (don't  type the quotes J )
  4. press Tab
  5. type in "h"
  6. press Ctrl+Space Bar
  7. press Ctrl+k, a
  8. press Ctrl+Space Bar
  9. type in "0"
  10. press Tab
  11. press Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar
  12. press Ctrl+f
  13. press Ctrl+9
  14. type in "3"
  15. press Ctrl+shift+Space Bar
  16. type in "+"
  17. press Ctrl+shift+Space Bar
  18. type in "h"
  19. press Tab
  20. press Ctrl+h
  21. type "2"
  22. press Tab
  23. press Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar
  24. type in "-"
  25. press Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar
  26. type in "9"
  27. press Tab
  28. type in "h"
  29. press Tab
  30. click anywhere outside the Equation Box to close the equation box

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