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Command Keystroke
Add new record Ctrl  +
Bold Ctrl-B
Builder Ctrl-F2
Check/uncheck box or option button spacebar
Close Ctrl-W
Copy Ctrl-C
Cut Ctrl-X
Cut current line and copy to Clipboard Ctrl-Y
Cycle through sections F6/Shift-F6
Cycle through tab of each object's type (toggle) Ctrl-Tab/Shift-Ctrl-Tab
Database window F11
Delete current record Ctrl  -
Display the database window F11
Edit/Navigation mode (toggle) F2
Exit subform and move to next/previous field in next record Ctrl-Tab/Shift-Tab
Extend selection to next/previous record Shift-Dn/Up
File/Save As F12
Find Ctrl-F
Find and replace CTRL+F
Find Next Shift-F4
Find Previous Shift-F3
GoTo Ctrl-G
Insert a carriage return in a memo or text field CTRL+ENTER
Insert the current time CTRL+:
Insert the data from the same field in the previous record CTRL+'
Insert today's date CTRL+;
Insert current date Ctrl  ;
Insert current time Ctrl  :
Insert default value Ctrl-Alt-spacebar
Insert new line Ctrl-Enter
Insert value from same field in previous record Ctrl  '
Italics Ctrl-I
Menu bar F10
Move to beginning/end of multiple-line field Ctrl-Home/End
Move to current field in first/last record (Navigation mode) Ctrl-Up/Dn
Move to first field in first record (Navigation mode) Ctrl-Home
Move to first/last field in current record (Navigation mode) Home/End
Move to last field in last record (Navigation mode) Ctrl-End
Move to left edge of page Home or Ctrl-Left
Move to page number/record number box F5
Move to right edge of page End or Ctrl-Right
New Ctrl-N
Next window Ctrl-F6
Open Ctrl-O
Open a new database CTRL+N
Open combo box F4
Open in Design view Ctrl-Enter
Paste Ctrl-V
Print Ctrl-P
Property sheet Alt-Enter
Refresh combo box F9
Replace Ctrl-H
Requery underlying tables in subform Shift-F9
Save Ctrl-S
Save current record Shift-Enter
Screen left/right Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn
Select/unselect column (Navigation mode) Ctrl-spacebar
Spelling/Grammar check F7
Switch between the Visual Basic Editor and previous active window ALT+F11
Switch between upper/lower panes F6
Switch to Form view F5
Turn on Move mode Ctrl-F8
Underline Ctrl-U
Undo Ctrl-Z
Undo previous extension Shift-F8
Undo the changes you have made to the current field ESC
Undo the changes you have made to the current record ESC ESC (press ESC twice)
Zoom box Shift-F2

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