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SI Prefixes

Bit Conversion

Example: 1 TW=1000 GW (W=Watt)

Bit  Value of 0 or 1
Nibble  4 bits
Byte  8 bits
KB (Kilobit)  1,024 bytes
MB (Megabyte)   1,024 Kilobytes or 1,048,576 Bytes
GB (Gigabyte)  1,024 Megabytes or 1,073,741, 824 Bytes
TB (Terabyte)  One Trillion bytes or 1,099,511,627,776
PB  (Petabyte) 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes
EB (Exabyte) One quintillion bytes or about 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bytes in decimal.
ZB (Zetabyte) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes
YB (Yottabyte) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

Print this as a reference guide for memory terms. Learn how these terms apply to your computer

by reading How Memory Works



Bit - In the binary system, either a one or a zero. It is the smallest piece of data.

Byte A unit of 8 bits.

Kilobit/megabit/gigabit - Used to describe bandwidth speeds. For example, 56Kbps means that data is capable of traveling at 56 kilobits per second. Ethernet networks transmit data at either 10Mbps (10 megabits per second) or 100Mbps (100 megabits per second).

Kilobyte - The standard unit of measurement for file sizes.

Megabyte - The standard unit of measurement for RAM.

Gigabyte - The standard unit of measurement for hard drives.

Terabyte, exabyte - Extremely large storage capacity typically found in enterprise-level operations for large companies.

RAM - Random access memory is fast, temporary storage for your computer.

ROM Read-only memory is fast, permanent storage for your computer.

Flash memory - A type of ROM that can be altered quickly and without special tools.

BIOS - Flash memory inside your computer that provides the necessary information for your computer to work.

Hertz - Unit of measurement that list the number of times a device cycles through a process per second.

Kilohertz - Unit of measurement equal to 1,000 hertz or 1,000 cycles per second.

Megahertz - Unit of measurement equal to 1,000 kilohertz or 1,000,000 cycles per second.

Nanosecond - One billionth of a second. Used to measure the speed of memory chips.


Symbol Prefix Factor
Y Yotta 1024
Z Zetta 1021
E Exa 1018
P peta 1015
T tera 1012
G giga 109
M Mega 106
k kilo 103
h hecto 102
da deca 101
d deci 10-1
c centi 10-2
m milli 10-3
micro 10-6
n nano 10-9
p pico 10-12
f femto 10-15
a atto 10-18
z zepto 10-21
y yokto 10-24

Bit Conversion


Convert between bits/bytes/kilobits/kilobytes/megabits/megabytes/gigabits/gigabytes.

Enter a number and choose the type of Units


Amount: Units:

76 megabytes
bits 637534208
bytes 79691776
kilobits 622592
kilobytes 77824
megabits 608
megabytes 76
gigabits 0.59375
gigabytes 0.07421875

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