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Internet Error Messages

404 error: The error indication given by web servers when the particular page which was requested cannot be found. The page can be customized.

Dead Link: An html link that has no longer works. The destination page no longer exists.


Acronym: A word formed from the first letter of each word in a name. Examples: WWW = world wide web, html = hypertext markup language, NASA = National Aeronautical & Space Administration.

Bookmark: A pointer to a particular Web site. Within browsers, you can bookmark interesting pages so you can return to them easily by clicking on Favorites, then click on Add.

Buddy List: A feature that helps users keep track of and communicate with friends online. Users can create a list of screen names within Buddy Lists and are then notified when a member comes online. Once a member is online or on the Buddy List as available, you may send them an Instant Messages. ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and others have this feature.

Cracker: Someone who enthusiastically learns the inner workings of a computer system, often used in a negative connotation for a person who learns and enters a computer for which they are not authorized.

Cut: See cut and paste.

Cut and paste: The simple act of moving text or an image from one document to another.

Cyberslacking: Using the Internet at work for some reason other than work; taking a break while "on the clock" by playing online.

Cybersquatter: One who registers the domain names of celebrities or trademarks of famous companies deliberately in order to sell it to the rightful owner or other prospect for a high profit.

Digerati: Literati in the digital form. A reference to those who seems to be in vogue and knowledgeable when in comes to the digital revolution.

Doorway Page: A page designed as an entrance to a website. Many doorway pages a specifically created to rank high on a particular search engine. Sometimes referred to as a Gateway Page.

Emoticons: "pictures" created with keystrokes. Ex: :) -Smiley face

Flame: A concerted personal derogatory attack on one person usually in a discussion group or forum.

Free For All Sites: Pages that allow anyone to submit a link to them, free of cost and without having to link back to the page.

Hacker: Someone who enthusiastically learns the inner workings of a computer system, often used in a negative connotation for a person who learns and enters a computer for which they are not authorized.

Hidden Text: Placing same color characters on the same color background causes them to be hidden. This technique was popular for a while, but search engines quickly caught on and began banning sites for it.

Lurk: Someone who observes a chat room, newsgroup, usenet, or forum without contributing. Often done to see if the group is worth joining.

Lurking: The act of observing or viewing a chat room, newsgroup, usenet and forums without contributing. Often a person will lurk to see if the group is worth joining.

Navigation: The journey of going from page to page within a website, or one website to another.

Netiquette: The informal rules of Internet courtesy, enforced exclusively by other Internet users.

Netizen: A person who follows good Netiquette.

Newbie: An Internet newcomer, a term used by old hands as a derogatory term toward people who do not use netiquette.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer - A manufacturer that sells equipment to a reseller for re-labeling or repackaging. Although, it commonly refers to the reseller.

Paste: See cut and paste.

Stinkpad: A term referring to the IBM ThinkPad.

Tables: Information arranged in a pattern of rows and columns.

Warez: The term for a piece of pirated software/music/movies copied or downloaded from the Internet.

Web Browser: A program that interprets HTML and displays web pages on your computer, allowing you to navigate or surf the Internet. The most popular web browser's are Microsoft Internet Explorer & Netscape Navigator.

Webmaster: The person responsible for administering a Web site.

WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization - An international forum accredited by ICANN to resolve global domain name trademark conflicts.

Zip: A type of file compression used most often on the net. The file extension for these files is .ZIP


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