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Application fee: An initial fee when setting up an account for payment processing from your site. If a company does not charge an application fee it means that they included it in the cost of the equipment usually.

Batch: A collection of credit card transactions saved for submitting at one time, usually once daily.

Batch header fee: The fee that is charged each time the merchant settled the batch. If they settled or clear once each day, then you will be charged this fee each day and you will have a fee of up to $9 more than if they do not charge this fee. The fee is optional, some merchant companies do not include this fee.

certificate authority: The Security Certificates issuer used in SSL connections.

Chargeback: A chargeback is the end result when a merchant's credit card customer successfully disputes a transaction that appears on their bill. Customer disputes typically arise from dissatisfaction with the quality of merchandise or services received, merchandise or services not received, or a questionable transaction.

Cryptography: The process of securing private information that is sent through public networks by encrypting it in a way that makes it unreadable to anyone except the person or persons holding the mathematical key/knowledge to decrypt the information.

Dot-com: A way to refer to a company that is exclusively an online presence rather than a bricks and mortar store.

Dotcom: A way to refer to a company that is exclusively an online presence rather than a bricks and mortar store.

e-commerce: simply stated, it is doing business online. E-comm, as it is referred to frequently, usually required specialized software, a secure site, and the ability to process payments.

E-support: Customer support via the Internet.

E-tail: Retail selling online

E-ticketing: Electronic ticket rather than paper ticket is sent to you via email to print and present as proof of purchase.

electronic store: A virtual mall site to browse and buy products or services.

The way to make data unreadable to everyone except the recipient of the data. Encryption is often used to make the transmission of credit card numbers secure for those who are shopping using the Internet. Secure sites use encryption.

Merchant account: A special account given by a bank that is a member of the Visa/Mastercard Network.

ROI: Return on investment

Shopping Cart: A software program that runs as part of a site to collect and record purchase transactions.

SSL: Secure Socket Layer - A method of encrypting data as it is transferred between a browser and Internet server. Important for online payments.

Statement fee: A legitimate charge to merchants that ranges from $10-25.00 each month.

virtual merchant: A site owner that accepts payments online, usually refering to credit cards and electronic checks. Requires a merchant account.

Virtual Terminal:
A site that allows merchants to take orders over the phone or mail and manually enter credit card information without the need for an internet storefront.


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