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Prevent Further Data Loss



Here you have how to prevent further damage loss in case of a disaster:


Head Crash/ Unusual Noises

Clicking, grinding or scraping noises indicate a head crash ó the read/write heads have come into contact with the media surface, causing severe destruction.

Unusual noises - clicking, grinding, metal scraping.

What to Do
1) If booted up, back up any critical files.
2) Shut down the computer and DO NOT reboot.

Extensive physical damage and permanent data loss can occur in a short period of time if a drive is left running.


Power Outage/ Surge

Of all the natural disasters, power outages are the most common cause of data loss. Since the most severe damage to your drive occurs when power returns, please leave the unit(s) upowered (pull out the plugs)

Power Outage/ Surge ó sparks, smoke, drive won't spin, drive spins but data is inaccessible.

What to Do
1) Unplug all cords to your computer to prevent further damage (i.e., AC/power, modem, printer, network).
2) After the power returns, wait at least 30 minutes for the power to stabilize before turning your equipment back on.
3) Purchase an uninterruptible power supply (battery back up) and surge suppressor to protect your computer from future power failures.

Extreme power fluctuations can damage electronic components and cause the driveís read/write heads to write erratically to the media surface, resulting in data corruption.



Water Damage
Only one drop of water can short out your computer. Whether an errant spill from a coffee cup, or, in this case, complete submersion in the Amazon River for days, we have the technology to recover your data.
Water damage

What to Do
1) Immediately turn computer off and DO NOT reboot!
2) DO NOT dry the wet drive or media; place in a plastic bag with an airtight zip closure.

1) While the drive may seem dry, small amounts of water may linger on internal or external components causing a short when powered on.
2) Dried water leaves mineral deposits and other contaminants on the media surface that can lead to a head crash when powered on.




Rest assured - we've recovered data from computers damaged in 1700 degree infernos! While the computer's plastic components may be melted, the data encased in the metal hard drive may be recoverable.



What to Do
1) If the computer is wet from fire hoses, remove the wet hard drive, DO NOT dry, and place in a plastic bag with an airtight zip closure.
2) If the drive is "sealed" in a melted computer, leave it intact.

1) Extreme pressure changes during a fire can pull water and contaminants inside the drive through small air vents.
2) Dried water leaves mineral deposits and other contaminants on the media surface that can lead to a head crash if powered on.



The HPS or Hanta virus activates on Saturdays and will flip bitmap files, including the Windows 95 logo.

Virus ó blank screen, unusual messages, unusual behavior

What to Do
1) Use anti-virus software to remove the virus.
2) If your data is not accessible after removal, do not run a commercial utility. Contact DriveSavers for professional recovery.

1)Software may remove a virus, but it does not always reverse its damaging effects on your data, which may remain inaccessible.
2) Virus damage can be severe enough that a commercial utility can cause further damage and make data recovery more difficult.




Impact Trauma

  Physical external trauma can damage the sensitive internal components of a hard drive. Further damage can occur in SECONDS if you reboot. If you canít afford to lose the data, donít power up.

Impact Trauma (dropped, run over) ó physical damage, unusual noises (clicking, grinding, scraping), drive not recognized, drive won't spin

What to Do
Turn off immediately and DO NOT reboot.

Trauma can damage the read/write heads and media surface, cause misalignment, and at worst, a head crash.


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