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Computer History Timeline II

1992 - 2002


1992 Microsoft introduces Windows 3.1. It sells more than 1 million copies within the first two months of its release.
1992 Intel releases the 486DX2 chip with a clock doubling ability that generates higher operating speeds.
1992 VESA local bus is introduced.
1992 Radio Shack releases the Tandy Sensation! MPC, the first personal computer based upon the MPC specification.
1992 The Reusable Alkaline battery is used for commercial use.
1992 Technology Without An Interesting Name (TWAIN) a standard interface for scanning equipment is developed by the TWAIN consortium, as it was called, consisted of representatives from Aldus, Caere, Eastman, Kodak, Hewlett Packard and Logitech.
1992 Microsoft and Hewlett Packard develops ECP.
1992 MIME standard is defined.
1992 Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is developed by SQL Access Group.
1993 Fifty World Wide Web servers are known to exist as of January.
1993 Winsock is released January 1993.
1993 President Bill Clinton puts the United States White House online with a World Wide Web page and E-mail address for the President, Vice President and first lady.
1993 Microsoft releases Windows NT, Microsoft Office 4.0 and MS-DOS 6.0.
1993 Intel develops PPGA
1993 Intel releases the Pentium Processor. The processor is a 60 MHz processor, incorporates 3.2 million transistors and sells for $878.00.
1993 Microsoft releases Windows NT 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
1993 Mosaic is released.
1993 John Scully is named president of Apple Computers.
1993 IrDA is founded.
1993 The Internet experiences massive growth.
1993 The Environmental Protection Agency, along with 50 computer companies, establish Energy Star guidelines which aim to decrease the amount of power a PC uses when they are idle.
1993 Developed by IBM, Motorola and Apple the PowerPC processor for the Apple Power Mac is introduced and later included in the Power Mac.
1993 VCD is introduced.
1993 The PC game DOOM by IdSoftware was released. Today DOOM is thought of as a turning point for first person shooters and for games in general. 
1993 The computer game Myst is released and later is honored for being one of the most popular, well known and sold PC and Macintosh titles
1994 Netscape is found by Marc Andreesen and James H. Clark.
1994 Commodore computers files Bankruptcy.
1994 Vice President Al Gore makes a speech where he coins the term "Information Superhighway". 
1994 IBM releases OS/2 Warp 3.0.
1994 Microsoft releases its beta for Windows 95, code named Chicago.
1994 Rasmus Lerdorf creates PHP.
1994 A mathematical flaw in the Intel Pentium involving the Pentium not correctly performing floating-point calculations is discovered. Later this leads to Intel millions of processors.
1994 YAHOO is created in April, 1994.
1994 MS-DOS 6.22 was released April, 1994
1994 Microsoft releases Windows 3.11.
1994 W3C organization is found developing common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web.
1994 The Mach Project ends.
1995 Apple allows other computer companies to clone its computer.
1995 Microsoft BOB is released.
1995 Netscape goes public at $28.00 a share and by the closing ends at $58.00 a share.
1995 Microsoft and General Electric’s NBC television network form a partnership.
1995 Live Script is renamed to JavaScript.
1995 Microsoft Releases Windows 95, within four days the software sells more then 1 million copies.
1995 One of the largest and well known e-commerce sites opens its doors. Amazon.com is officially opened  July of 1995.
1995 DSVD is released.
1995 CD-E is introduced to the general public.
1995 Intel releases the new motherboard form factor ATX.
1995 USB standard is released. 
1996 Intel releases the 200 MHz P6.
1996 The CDA amendment to the U.S. 1996 Telecommunications Act that went into effect in February 1996. The law was intended to protect children from obscenity on the Internet, but many internet users argued that its language was too vague and it violated the rights of free speech. Protesters against the law turned their web pages black and displayed blue ribbon icons downloaded from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
1996 IBM and Sears sell Prodigy is sold to Internet Wireless.
1996 AT&T introduces Worldnet.
1996 IBM computer Deep Blue beats chess master Garry Kasparov in two chess matches.
1996 NEC merges its PC operations outside Japan with Packard Bell.
1996 Sony enters the PC market with the release of VAIO.
1996 Creative Labs introduces the 3D Blaster card its first graphics card to be released to the computer market.
1996 Apple Stock sinks to a 10-year low of less than $18.00 a share.
1996 U.S. Robotics Pilot is announced.
1996 Microsoft releases Windows CE.
1996 Tandy Corp. announces it will either sell or close all of its 17 incredible Universe stores and 19 of its Computer City stores because of low sales and losses in revenue.
1996 WebTV is introduced allowing users to browse the web from their TV.
1996 MSNBC makes its debut.
1996 Acer America Corporation introduces its designer home PCs.
1996 Sun Microsystems releases its line of network computers.
1996 Apple buys NeXT Software Inc. for $400 million and acquires Steve Jobs, Apple’s cofounder, as a consultant.
1996 Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 is released as a portable Operating System solution.
1996 Bit 3 becomes part of SBS Technologies.
1996 K56Flex is announced in November by Lucent and Rockwell.
1997 Intel introduces the MMX chip.
1997 Several computer manufactures introduce sub 1,000 computers, computers that cost less then $1,000.00.
1997 AOL faces several lawsuits from subscribers who are upset about the difficulties encountered when attempting to connect to its services.
1997 IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeats world champion chess player Garry Kasparov in their second six-game showdown, winning the tie-breaking game in only 62 minutes.
1997 Digital Video Discs / Digital Versatile Discs (DVDs) go on sale.
1997 Microsoft buys WebTV Networks for $425 million.
1997 CompUSA joins Dell and Gateway in selling build-to-order PC computers.
1997 Bill Gates is now the world’s richest businessman.
1997 The NASA Pathfinder Web site, which is running real-time images sent from the Pathfinder on Mars receives more than 100 million hits during its first four days, in response to the high popularity NASA sets up 25 mirror pages to handle the traffic. The site sets a new popularity record.
1997 Microsoft begins working on its own search engine.
1997 Microsoft releases Microsoft Office 97.
1997 Microsoft announces Windows 98
1997 3Com buys U.S. Robotics for $6.6 billion making the consolidation the largest in the history of computer companies.
1997 Apple releases MAC OS 8
1997 Microsoft invests $150 million in Apple Computers Inc. and agrees to continue creating software for Apple computers, in agreement Apple makes Microsoft Internet Explorer its browser of choice for Macintosh computers.
1997 The Li-Ion battery begins being used for commercial uses.
1997 The Intel Pentium II 233 MHz processor is released.
1997 Advanced Graphics Port or AGP designed for Video cards. Designed by Intel is released August of 1997.
1997 Microsoft Windows CE 2.x is released.
1997 Cyrix is established.
1998 Intel releases the Celeron processor
1998 Compaq Computer purchases Digital Equipment Corporation for $9 billion
1998 Hearings open between Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice to whether Microsoft has a monopoly on the software market.
1998 Sun releases the JavaStation
1998 Netscape releases Navigator 5.0 as well as revealing its complete source code for Navigator on it’s Web site.
1998 Bill Gates, is hit in the face with a cream pie.
1998 During the demonstration of a pre-release copy of Windows 98 at Comdex Bill Gates and an assistant demonstrate how to install a scanner. During the demonstration Windows 98 caused an error message.
1998 V.90 is announced and agreed on February 6, 1998
1998 Sun Microsystems begins shipping the JavaStation in March of 1998.
1998 Microsoft Windows 98 is officially released on June 25, 1998.
1998 AMR is released September 9, 1998
1998 Apple introduces the iMac, the iMac helps bring Apple back on the computer maps as a very easy and friendly computer.
1998 Award, well known for its computer BIOS becomes part of Phoenix, another company well known for its computer BIOS.  
1998 Computer Hope is established.
1999 Microsoft purchases Access software.
1999 The Intel Pentium III 500 MHz is released.
1999 Microsoft releases Windows CE 3.0
1999 Aims Labs goes out of business.
1999 National Semiconductor announced it will exit the PC processor market. June 30, 1999 - VIA Technologies announces it will acquire Cyrix from National Semiconductor.
1999 NVIDIA introduces the GPU.
2000 Many experts, governments and businesses feared that January 1st 2000 could cause serious issues with the date stamp on computers. The belief was that because many old computers relied off of the last two digits of a year such as 99 for 1999, when the year 2000 came 2000 would set the computers to 00 causing the computer to think it was 1900. Called the Year 2000 bug many individuals feared for the worst however because of preparation Year 2000 only caused a few glitches, however no catastrophes. 
2000 Microsoft Bill Gates relinquishes his title as CEO  to MS President Steve Ballmer on January 13, 2000.
2000 CNR is introduced by Intel February 07, 2000
2000 Microsoft Windows 2000 is released February of 2000.
2000 U.S. Judge Thomas Penfield announced today after over 2-years in the court that Microsoft be split into two companies although will remain intact until the appeals process is exhausted.
2000 On June 24, 2000 U.S. President Bill Clinton makes the first ever Presidential webcast among the announcements President Bill Clinton announces a new web site that will be able to search all government resources.
2001 January  02, 2001 - Intel announced that it will recall its 1.13 GHz Pentium III processors due to a glitch. Users with these processors should contact their vendors for additional information about the recall.
2001 January 1, 2001 - Microsoft announces Windows 95 is now a legacy item and will no longer be sold or shipped to any more customers.
2001 Bill Gates unveils the Xbox on January 7th 2001.
2001 The man who practically invented the Silicon Valley success story, Hewlett-Packard Co. co-founder William Hewlett, dies at his home, he was 87. 
2001 Chip-making giant Intel Corp. has agreed to acquire Xircom Inc., a maker of mobile computing gear, for about $748 million.
2001 Claude Elwood Shannon, the mathematician who laid the foundation of modern information theory while working at Bell Labs in the 1940s, died on February 24, 2001. He was 85.
2001 March 08, AOL membership surpasses 28 Million.
2001 March 09, Mcafee releases first handheld virus protection software.
2001 March 31, After 21 years of selling hard drives, Quantum on Friday formally left the business to turn its full attention to higher-level storage products and services.
2001 April 20, Dell computers becomes the largest PC maker.
2001 June 5, 2001, Nevada becomes the first US state to vote to legalize online gambling.
2001 Airlines begin to implement methods of gaining Internet access while flying.
2001 USB 2.0 is introduced.
2001 July 20, 2001 - PC shipments worst since 1986, as only Dell grows.
2001 Hewlett Packard announces plans to buy Compaq on September sixth.
2001 Microsoft Windows XP home and professional editions are released October 25, 2001.
2002 Excite@Home, one of the largest ISP's files for bankruptcy and closes its doors March, 02, 2002.
2002 Approximately 1 billion PCs have been shipped worldwide since the mid-'70s, according to a study released by consulting firm Gartner.
2002 WorldCom the Number 2 long-distance telephone and data service company files for bankruptcy June 21, 2002.

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